Our Purpose

Our team has significant experience of the recruitment industry, both agency and client side, including setting up and running internal recruitment teams and recruitment agencies. We believe it’s time for things to change: the mindset of the industry; the client/agency/candidate relationship; the services offered and the value created. It’s time to move from transactional recruitment to transformational talent partnering – elevating the Talent Conversation and creating sustainable talent magnetism.

Why Talent Magnet? Pretty much everything (with a few rare exceptions) in our universe is affected by magnetic fields. We believe that organisations and individuals are no different. In this instance ‘talent magnetism’ is created by an organisation’s:

  • brand promise and value proposition (unique differentiators for customers, employees, suppliers and investors)
  • purpose and values (creating organisational culture and emotional engagement); and
  • climate (actual day to day experience – principally through people managers).

When authentic, aligned and ‘powered up’, these factors come together to make the organisation clearly identifiable and attractive to the right talent, and more easily discerned as ‘not the right fit’ by those that aren’t. At Talent Magnet, our mission is to partner with organisations to develop powerful talent magnetism as a strategic driver for present and future resourcing needs; higher engagement; increased brand advocacy and sustainable performance.

Making a dollar AND a positive difference is central to our approach.